Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Facilities.

Air Exchange offers all the equipment needed to provide a healthy and comfortable environment in the vehicle service facility. Our exhaust extraction systems capture fumes from all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, public works vehicles, motorcycle and ATV, buses, construction and military vehicles, fire house and emergency vehicles, fork trucks, boats and watercraft. We help design systems to fit the layout and needs of each facility for easy access and easy storage when not in use.

Systems and equipment include:
  • Simple Hose Drops
  • Hose Reels (Spring-Mounted and Motorized)
  • Rail-Mounted Reels
  • Boom-Mounted Reels
  • Accessories: Complete Line of Fans, Exhaust Hose & Nozzles

Fire Houses.

Firefighters need specialized equipment that will not only extract noxious diesel fumes, but is also quick and easy to operate. Air Exchange provides exhaust removal systems that capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions and require minimal operation. Connecting the emergency vehicle to the exhaust system is a simple, one-step procedure, and the fan is then automatically activated as needed; upon exit of the vehicle from the bay the system is automatically released.

Systems and equipment include:
  • The Sliding Balancer Track System (for single-lane, back-in bays)
  • The Straight-Rail System (for drive-through bays)
  • The Vertical Straight-Rail System (for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks)
  • Accessories: Fans, "Grabber" Nozzles to fit any size exhaust pipe, and High-Temp Resistant, Durable Exhaust Hose