Product Index

Dust Collectors

Select from cartridge dust collectors, bag houses, cyclone separators, wet dust collectors, portable dust collectors, and both downdraft tables and control booths with built in dust collectors.

Mist Collectors

High efficiency, easy maintenance collectors for both oil mist and water soluble mist include machine-mounted, free-hanging, or floor-mounted central mist collectors.

Air Cleaners

Industrial air cleaners offer a range of filter selections and configurations to filter the ambient air of all kinds of contaminants, including dust, fume, oil mist, and smoke.

Extraction Arms

For fumes, dust, chemicals, or smoke extractor arms feature virtually maintenance-free, easy operation, a range of sizes, optional stainless steel construction, and compact storage.

Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Hose reels, fans, and nozzles for vehicle maintenance facilities, and complete systems for fire house needs, including straight rail systems and exhaust stacks.