Cartridge Dust Collectors.

The cartridge dust collector is one of the most versatile dust collectors for handling a broad range of industrial processes, including grinding, sanding, welding, cutting, blasting, and mixing. The cartridge collector will collect fine to medium particulate, including wood dust, composites, cement, dry powder, sand, plastic, welding smoke, and toner.

Air Exchange offers cartridge dust collectors in a wide range of sizes and configurations; compact dust collectors may be located indoors, filtering and recycling tempered air for energy savings, while a central cartridge dust collector mounted outside the building may efficiently handle multi-station operations. For needs such as the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, many of our cartridge dust collectors are offered in stainless steel construction.


Bag House Dust Collectors.

For heavy dust loads involving fine to moderate sized dust, and/or tough-to-handle particulate, such as curly, sticky, or abrasive particles of wood or metal shavings, dust from forest and food products, or paper shreds, Air Exchange provides heavy-duty bag house collectors in a complete range of sizes from 300 to 25,000 CFM and velocities from 3 to 15 FPM . Industrial operations may run without interruption by ducting the dust to our continuous-duty bag houses, which feature regular on-line cleaning of the filter bags while continuing to collect the dust. Ask Air Exchange for any size bag house or even a custom built dust collector for special needs.


Cyclone Separator.

Cyclone dust collectors from Air Exchange efficiently remove medium to coarse particles generated from industrial operations such as woodworking, machining, scrap metal processing, product recovery, dry chemical processing, and high-temperature processes. With high-efficiency, reliable performance and low maintenance, our series of cyclone separators meets the needs of even the most demanding industrial processes. With a range of sizes from 1 to 40 HP, and from 750 to 13000 CFM, cyclone dust collectors may also be equipped with optional safety after-filters for added efficiency, radial blower wheels, explosion vents, drop-out bins, sprinkler heads, and a rotary valve.


Wet Dust Collectors.

Contact our office regarding the most recent requirements for explosion venting on any try dust collector. There have been many recent revisions to the previous, longstanding regulations.Need to safely collect hazardous dust? Air Exchange offers the Hydrotron wet type dust collectors in three configurations: the ducted wet dust collector (up to 15,000 CFM), the downdraft table with an integral wet dust collector (up to 5000 CFM), and the wet collector dust control booth (up to 48,000 CFM). Our water filter system is designed to collect potentially hazardous or volatile contaminants such as aluminum and titanium dust, and can also safely handle industrial processes with heavy sparking.The Hydrotron series of wet dust collectors meets the National Fire Protection Association guidelines for processing and finishing aluminum. Since it also meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust removal located inside buildings, the wet dust collector can recirculate in-plant, tempered air to conserve energy. Contact our office regarding the most recent requirements for explosion venting on any try dust collector. There have been many recent revisions to the previous, longstanding regulations.


Portable Dust Collectors.

For powerful, on-the-spot collection of industrial contaminants, including welding smoke and fume, food dust, chemical odors, and pharmaceutical powders, the ease and versatility of the portable dust collector is unsurpassed. Portable air cleaners from Air Exchange feature high-flow, easy-to-position extractor arms, self-cleaning cartridge filters, and outstanding stability and maneuverability. We also offer portable dust collectors in stainless steel for the extraction of food processing dusts, pharmaceutical dusts, and acidic or caustic chemicals.


Downdraft Tables.

Available in a variety of configurations and featuring a choice of filters (panel filters, cartridges, or wet style filters), downdraft tables with integral dust collectors can provide the ideal source capture system for a variety of industrial operations. The worker has free range of operation over the entire surface of the table as contaminants are easily pulled down into the collector away from the breathing zone. Air Exchange provides self-contained dust collector/downdraft tables for processes such as sanding, grinding, mixing, welding, and soldering, as well as close, fine detail work, from surface finishing to lab applications.


Dust Collection Booths.

Dust booths offer a number of advantages for industrial processes: a large dust inlet for free range of operation (sitting or standing), accommodation of large parts and/or multiple, simultaneous operations, effective collection of fine to coarse dust from sanding, grinding, or welding, integral lighting, sound insulation, and containment of dust within the work area. Air Exchange provides dust control booths with a choice of filters, depending on the needs of the application: cartridge filters for a broad range of processes, standard industrial panel filters ideal for many wood-working operations, and wet type filters for hazardous dust such as aluminum and titanium. We also offer a complete range of dimensions and customizable options, including adjustable regain air, safety after-filters, and screw-conveyor automatic disposal of collected dust for ultra-heavy dust loading applications.