Dust Collection

There are a wide variety of solutions to capture airborne particulate; we at Air Exchange, Inc offer the most complete line of filtration units to offer a solution to fit... Your Budget

Ambient Air Filtration

Continuous air scrubbing of your facility used where a ducted system is not practical. Standard units have replaceable filter bags and pre filters. Auto self-cleaning cartridge systems are available.

Baghouse Dust Collectors

A source capture filter housing that is typically used where the dust particulate is stringy or above 1-micron particle size. Cabinet shops are an ideal application suited for a baghouse collector.

Cartridge Dust Collection

A source capture filter housing that is typically used where for fine dust capture, below the 1-micron particle size. Welding smoke/fume, graphite dust and fine powders are an ideal application for a cartridge collector.


Used primarily for pre-separation of particulates before they are reach a filter housing, can be used a dust collector for heavy or large particulate. Note: Check your air quality guidelines, 99% of cyclone applications need some form of after filters to meet standards

Control Booths

A source capture filtered room that is typically used for the containment of dusts where the size of the work piece eliminates the use of source capture hoods. Sanding, polishing, grinding applications are an ideal application for Control Booths.

Wet Collectors

A source capture filter housing used for Combustible dust collecting. Grinding on Aluminum, Magnesium or Titanium parts are typical applications that require wet dust collectors.