Ambient Air Cleaners.

Need to clean the air of dust, mist, fume, or odor? For a variety of industrial applications, including wood products, machine shops, auto repair facilities, and welding shops, air cleaners improve the working environment by filtering the in-plant ambient air. Ask Air Exchange to help design a free-hanging system of air cleaners to create a planned air-circulation pattern and consistent filtration throughout the work area. An air cleaner may also be equipped with an integral collection arm to provide effective source capture of contaminants right at the work station.

Air cleaners available from Air Exchange offer the following features:
  • Choice of filters to fit every kind of industrial application: high-efficiency general-use filter media, application-specific media, washable pre-filters, multi-stage filters, HEPA after-filters, and self-cleaning cartridge filters for heavy-duty applications.
  • Totally enclosed direct-drive motor-blower for quiet operation and long filter life.
  • Generous air-flow rates (up the 12,000 CFM) combined with low air-to-cloth ratios for reliable, low-maintenance performance.
  • Tool-free, easy maintenance.